(February 2014)




Marietta Daily Journal

KSU Hosts BODYTRAFFIC (March 2019)



Ivan Pulinkala named Dean of Arts at Kennesaw State University (March 2019)


Marietta Daily Journal

Ivan Pulinkala named Dean of Kennesaw State's College of the Arts (March 2019)



Ivan Pulinkala names dean of KSU's College of the Arts (March 2019)


Marietta Daily Journal

Department of Dance receives $336,000 gift for student scholarships (September 2018)



Names in the News: Pulinkala named interim arts Dean. (July, 2018)


Marietta Daily Journal

Kennesaw State University recently appointed Ivan Pulinkala as the interim Dean of the College of the Arts. (July, 2018)


Broadway World

Ivan Pulinkala appointed Interim Dean of College of the Arts at KSU. (July, 2018)


Atlanta Journal Constitution

Pulinkala said, "It brings another voice into the marketplace of ideas and art-making in Atlanta." (April, 2018)



KSU Dance Founding Director Ivan Pulinkala says Kibbutz performance is the type of event the school's new state-of-the-art dance theater was designed to host. (October 2017)


Atlanta Jewish Times

KSU Launches Theater with Kibbutz Dancers (October 2017)



Pulinkala sees the theater as a beacon for Atlanta dance (March 2017)


Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Metamorphosis" opens dedicated dance venue at KSU Marietta (March 2017)


Marietta Daily Journal

A premiere of a new work by Ivan Pulinkala...is scheduled to open the Theater. (March 2017)


Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Metamorphosis" a full-length contemporary dance work by Ivan Pulinkala, chair of Kennesaw State University's Department of Dance, is scheduled to open the Dance Theatre. (January 2017)


Atlanta Jewish Times

Exposed opens eyes on opening night. (October 2016)


Atlanta Journal Constitution

...known for their innovative approach to contemporary dance: the Kennesaw State University Dance Company headed by Ivan Pulinkala (March 2016)



Under the leadership of Ivan Pulinkala, Kennesaw State celebrates 10 years of dance. (Nov 2015)



In the past ten years, Kennesaw State University has made a name for itself in the world of dance education. (Nov 2015)


White County News

Saturday's concert will open with the world premiere of RINPOCHE, a new piece by choreographer Ivan Pulinkala. (July 2014)


White County News

Wabi Sabi, Atlanta's elite dance troupe to perform, teach at Sautee Center (July 2014)


SNCA newsletter

...renowned choreographer Ivan Pulinkala...will be working on a premiere (July 2014)


DIY dancer

A highlight of the work was the intricate and creative floorwork, executed effortlessly by the dancers. (Oct 2014)



Ivan Pulinkala's piece had really smart use of live musicians and a big sculptural work: it had a fleet narrative with a nice shape, almost cinematic in effect... (February 2014)


Atlanta Journal Constitution

Kennesaw State University's dance department will show Ivan Pulinkala's "Touchdown," celebrating the college's new football team. (January 2014)


Atlanta Journal Constitution

"Touchdown" with title work choreographed by department chair Ivan Pulinkala (November 2013)


Cherokee Ledger

"Touchdown," a high energy dance production.


Kennesaw Patch

Dr. Pulinkala has done a brilliant job of pulling together these unique departments in a wildly creative way. (November 2013)


Dance Studio Life Magazine

In 2005, KSU hired Ivan Pulinkala, a young educator and artist ready to bring change to a fledgling program. (November 2013)



Kennesaw State University's Dance Department, in partnership with the Rialto, will present Ivan Pulinakala's new work "Touchdown," a response to the schools recent announcement that it will be adding a football team. (October 2013)


Atlanta Journal Constitution

Kennesaw State University's Dance Company performing a new, football-themed work by Dance Department chairman, Ivan Pulinkala (October 2013)


Atlanta Journal Constitution

Ivan Pulinkala will serve as interim dean ... Pulinkala himself is a man in constant motion.


Atlanta Journal Constitution

Ivan Pulinkala, chairman of the dance department, will serve as the interim dean starting in February.



The dance program established in 2005 under Ivan Pulinkala, is the newest and arguably KSU's most accomplished. (June 2012)


Creative Loafing

KSU Dance Company returns to National College Dance Festival (May 2012)



Director Ivan Pulinkala and his 48-member troupe have received their third straight invitation from the American College Dance Festival Association (April 2012)

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Kennesaw State dancers to perform at the Kennedy Center ... The company is scheduled to perform "Rhizome," choreographed by Ivan Pulinkala (April 2012)

Kennesaw Patch

KSU Dance Company invited to the Kennedy Center ... the KSU dancers will perform "Rhizome" with choreography by Ivan Pulinkala. ( April 2012)

The Weekly

This is the third successive national selection for Pulinkala and the KSU Dance Company (April 2012)

The Backstage Beat

The talk was moderated by Kennesaw State University Director of Dance Ivan Pulinkala, the moving force behind the association between the Ballet and the University.

The Backstage Beat

I've had the privilege of watching his work push boundaries, change, mold dancers, and build an exceptional program at KSU (February 2012)

The Signal- Georgia State University

The goal of Off the Edge is to propel the city of Atlanta forward with cutting edge artistry in dance (February 2012)

The Daily Universe- Utah

"CHAKRA" displays the dancers' strength as they perform on trampolines... It also supports their body weight for extended periods of time, requiring incredible strength (January 2012)


Kennesaw State University choreographer Ivan Pulinkala's "Rhizome," performed by the KSU Dance Company, openedthe Saturday night program, and its use of female dancers was especially effective (January 2012)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Access Atlanta)

"There's a futuristic umbilical cord that I always feel pulling his work," including unusual use of technology and lighting (January 2012)


The Kennesaw State University Dance Company will perform Ivan Pulinkala's "RHIZOME," one of that growing dance program's strongest works to date (January 2012)

Creative Loafing

Atlanta student dance recitals showcase new work (November 2011)

Marietta Daily Journal

KSU dance company to present "Paquita," three original works (November 2011)

Creative Loafing

If we were in charge of turning Atlanta into the next dance hot spot, we'd hire Ivan Pulinkala to start a huge dance program right outside the city. Fortunately, someone already did that for us. (September 2011)

Daily Herald

As one of this year's features, Contemporary Dance Theatre will perform a saward-winning dance from guest choreographer and India native, Ivan Pulinkala. (September 2011)

Atlanta Journal Constitution

What's so dazzling about this "Tempest" is the way Ott marries crude ogres with delicate fairies, fluid choreography with elemental design, superb clowning with abject degradation. (June 2011)


[Sharon Ott's] direction and staging, along with Ivan Pulinkala's choreography, create visually stunning scenes, especially during the storm that starts the play. (June 2011)

Atlanta Journal Constitution
KSU dance director received Cobb Symphony Award. (November 2010)

Creative Loafing
D-Man in the Waters shows off Kennesaw's strengths. (November 2010)

The Sunday Paper
KSU dance director Ivan Pulinkala leads the university to new heights. (November 2010)

Cobb Symphony Orchestra Award for Artistic Excellence
During the concert, the Cobb Symphony Orchestra will present its first award for Artistic Excellence to Ivan Pulinkala, founding director of Kennesaw State University's Dance Program. (November 2010)

"Roem" felt more grounded- as if gloATL was settling in to its home, musing on its architecture. In a prologue by guest choreographer Ivan Pulinkala, Tony Doctor Jenkins slowly walked the long ramp extending from the High's entrance towards Peachtree Street. (July 2010)

Creative Loafing
Something old, something new, something local: Atlanta Ballet's Sheer Exhilaration. (May 2010)

Atlanta Ballet prepares for "Sheer Exhilaration," a show of greatest hits and new works. (May 2010)

Marietta Daily Journal
Atlanta Ballet preps for season's end with "Sheer Exhilaration." Artistic Director John McFall has also invited Kennesaw State University dance director Ivan Pulinkalato stage his 7-minute groundbreaking piece"Lost." (May 2010)

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
The Atlanta ballet features classics, as well as new works for season finale. "Lost" choreographed by Ivan Pulinkala. (April 2010)

Atlanta Ballet presents Sheer Exhilaration as season finale. "Lost" [choreographed by Ivan Pulinkala] will feature Atlanta Ballet company member and KSU student John Welker. (April 2010)

Last weekend, two metro Atlanta schools were chosen to perform in the National [American College] Dance Festival in May at the Kennedy Center in Washington ... Kennesaw State University dance students will perform KSU dance program director Ivan Pulinkala's "Chakra." (March 2010)

Dance Magazine
Two standouts were INCUBUS by Kennesaw State University's Ivan Pulinkala. His cast of seven men hung from and climbed on a giant trellis that was moveable in three parts (by Ming Chen). The piece was not only ingenious but somehow heroic. - Wendy Perron (September 2008)

Pointe Magazine
Kennesaw State university's dance program brought "Incubus" choreographed by faculty member Ivan Pulinkala. The all-male cast was quite impressive, but it was the choreography that stole the show. (July 2008)

Online Athens
Atlanta Ballet brings modern choreography to Athens. (January 2008)

Dance Magazine
The program has been in the works since 2005, when director of dance Ivan Pulinkala- whose own work includes a recent commission for Atlanta Ballet- brought a fresh perspective to campus. (November 2008)

The Sentinel
Dance Company growing on the eve of spring concert, "Incubus." (February 2008)

Kennesaw State University (Pg 2)
KSU Dance Company brings crowd to their feet in New York City, aims to do the same across the globe. (June 2008)

HomeTownCobb.com (Pg2)
Kennesaw State Dance Company's premier sells out early, features finale with Atlanta Ballet. (February 2007)

The Sentinel
Dance concert to premier to sold out theatre. This week's packed-house performances sure to entertain. (February 2007)

Creative Loafing
Ivan Pulinkala- the new director of Kennesaw State University's dance program- partners with Kim Neil Nofsinger for a duet on separation. (March 2006)

The Hindustan Times
In India, Ivan has been guiding dancers to international scholarships. Son of legendary theatre director George Pulinkala. (January 2005)

The Murray Ledger and Times (Pg2)
"Firestorm" production bittersweet for artistic director (April 2005)

Murray State News
Inside My Twisted Mind. Dance, music ensembles combine for spring concert. (April 2004)

DASH Magazine (Pg 2)
Glide. Float. Soar. Wing. Sail in mid-air. Ivan Pulinkala does it all with stunning bravura and enchanting grace, redefining, every single moment, the magic of dance. (April 2003)

Hindustan Times City
Ivan Pulinkala, son of director George Pulinkala...He lives and breathes dance, literally, and nothing can excite him more than this art form. (July 2002)

Delhi Times
Delhi Times captures the spring in the step of Ivan Pulinkala as the choreographer and modern dance exponent wears an air of grace ahead of the take-off of his latest production. (August 2002)

Hindustan Times Horizons
Dancing to his tunes. For Ivan Pulinkala, dance is his first and only love. (August 2002)

West Delhi Plus
Sometimes you are struck by the grace and agility of a dancer, sometimes you are delighted by the precision of technique, but sometimes, just sometimes, you are left spellbound by a performance which not just harmonises style, beauty, space, spirit and time but transcends it. That is what one feels when one watches Ivan Pulinkala perform on stage. (January 2002)

India Today Magazine
25 Top Indian Artists of the Millennium. Ivan Pulinkala- The Fusionary (December 1999)

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